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The hCard membership not only enables savings and discounts, but facilitates fundraising opportunities for schools and nonprofits. The hCard leverages social and mobile commerce to increase traffic and revenue for business, while supporting the military, first responders and nonprofits.

How to Dump the Cookie Dough and Put the Fun Back in School Fundraising

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Tired of cookie dough? Dump it today!

Are you tired of selling cookie dough? Sure, we all know it’s a time-honored tradition up there with apple pie, but there’s only so much your community can buy. And it’s unhealthy to promote the making (and eating) of cookies and other sugary snacks, according to America’s First Lady.

Now, there’s a new way to raise funds, and it’s about to make a whole world of difference to schools in North Carolina.

The 100% Fundraiser

That’s correct, 100%. Ok, it sounds impressive but 100% of nothing is still nothing, right? Well, how does 100% of $2,000 sound to you? Or 100% of $8,000? What could your school do with that kind of money! And the best part? It’s free to sign up. All you have to do is register for the new hCard program.

Saving our Schools

This new initiative is already making a difference to schools all over the country, and it’s coming to our state. Starting in Raleigh with satellite offices opening in Winston-Salem and Fayetteville, it won’t be long before residents all over NC will be able to use the hCard to get substantial discounts when they buy from local businesses. And to do so, they need to purchase their cards from a local school. Your local school, which gets to keep 100% of the money raised from the sale of the cards, which you get for free.

Building Local Business

It’s not just about fundraising, although that’s vitally important in these trying economic times. The hCard also helps to build local businesses, by:

  • Giving them a presence in an advertising medium that will be used across the state and the nation
  • Making them preferred suppliers of goods and services to the community, because of the discounts available through the use of the hCard
  • Generating awareness of their support for local schools via the savings program

And of course, it doesn’t stop there either!

Helping the Community

Everyone wants to save money, and every dollar saved when shopping at a local store or business is an extra dollar for the family that saves it. Within a very short time, hCard holders can recoup the $20 cost of their card through the discounts they can access with it.

What’s more, people in public service, such as firefighters, first responders, members of the military and police get their hCard for free, but still enjoy the same discounts and savings. And this doesn’t cost your school anything, because for every business sponsor you recruit you get free cards to give away to community members.

Say Goodbye to the Cookie Dough

The hCard really is a chance for everyone to be a winner, from the businesses that sign up for the program through to the schools raising funds this way. Finally, you can say goodbye to the cookie dough, and hello to exciting, healthy and fulfilling ways to put the fun back in fundraising.

Transforming the Triad – Military Veteran Takes Up the Challenge

100% fundraiser, matthew currin

Military veteran Matt Currin is the new Triad regional manager

With latest research from the Annie E. Casey foundation and other organizations showing that 30% of children in the Triad live in poverty, the timing has never been better for a program such as the hCard’s 100% fundraiser. Schools, booster clubs, soccer teams, bands, nonprofits and religious organizations can all benefit from the initiative, and the good news for High Point, Greensboro and Winston-Salem is that there’s a new regional manager for the program in your area.

A Skilled Veteran

Matt Currin is the new incumbent for the role, and while it’s rather different from his previous jobs he’s excited about the possibilities. Matt has worked as a flight school instructor in the Marine Corps as well as a hospital air care pilot. He’s been in sales, public speaking and training, and as the 2012 Girls Youth Soccer Coach of the Year for North Carolina, few people know more about the financial challenges facing youth soccer teams than he does.

Plans for Progress

With big plans to help local teams and booster clubs raise funds for their activities, Matt’s goals are also to aid local business owners to find customers. With the great deals and discounts offered by the hCard program, he believes there’s currently an opportunity to make a huge difference in the region. Matt says he can’t wait to tell people in the Triad about the hCard and the many ways in which it can benefit everyone.

How it Works

The hCard is a discount card that enables holders to show it at qualified vendors and save on products and services. While it’s free for members of the military and veterans, other consumers can buy it for the nominal fee of $20. Businesses, meanwhile, sign up for a free ad space in the hCard’s directory. When enough companies activate their listings, the organization that recruited them to the directory receive a supply of discount cards to sell to consumers. The organization retains all the money realized from the sale, the companies get increased business through the various opportunities available for reaching customers and the consumers get to save money.

Hitting the Road

This is what has Matt Currin so excited. As a military vet, he’s community-minded and committed to the Triad area. As a youth soccer coach, he’s passionate about the game, and the possibilities offered by the hCard program represent great synergies, as far as he is concerned. Matt plans to hit the road as soon as possible to start getting Triad organizations on board and educating businesses on how they can help the community without incurring unnecessary costs. And with the current rebound in the Triad housing market, there’s bound to be an upswing in the economy in the next 12 months. Matt plans to capitalize on that and get the community working to help itself.



5 Ways the hCard Can Help Your North Carolina Fundraiser

Raising funds for schools, soccer teams or other nonprofit is always a challenge—especially when you need to find money quickly. Now, the hCard, a nationwide discount card available in a number of states, is launching in North Carolina with its 100% fundraising option for local organizations. Whether you need to raise $2,000 or $8,000, here are 5 ways the new hCard can help you to do so.

#1: Giving You a Goal

Start by setting your goal for the amount of money you need to raise. For every 100 cards sold directly, your organization will earn $2,000. Define what the money is needed for and get prices and estimates for the total that you need, including a 10% contingency in case you’ve overlooked something. Then create your profile by completing the fundraiser signup form, and you’re ready to roll.

#2: Direct Sales Earnings

The reason we call it the 100% fundraiser is because if your supporters buy the cards directly you’re your booster club, school or soccer team, you get to keep 100% of the money generated. That’s right – 100%. All you have to do is encourage your local preferred businesses to sign up for the hCard’s online directory, which is free of charge to place but requires a one-time $49 activation fee. When you reach the required quota of businesses, we’ll supply you with free hCards to sell to your supporters.

#3: Online Sales Earnings

Online fundraising is a growing market, and for every card that is purchased online, your organization still gets half of the fee for doing absolutely nothing. As long as the buyer selects your school, soccer team or booster club as the beneficiary when he or she makes the purchase, you’ll get the money. The buyer gets exactly the same deal as if the card was purchased direct—discounts on products from local and national businesses, special offers and other great ways to save money.

#4: Securing Helping Hands

The hCard helps you to raise money by eliminating the need for organizations to go cap-in-hand to members, parents and community supporters. The most loyal proponent can only give so much before it starts to feel like the proverbial “bottomless well.” The beauty of the hCard is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Buyers benefit from the card themselves, and by purchasing additional cards for their friends and family members they’re giving a helping hand to both the seller and the recipient. It’s a chance to really make a difference, while benefiting from the deal themselves.

#5: Earning Extra hCards

With the hCard bonus program you can also earn extra hCards that you can sell to your supporters at the regular rate. Finding a business sponsor nets you 250 additional cards, or encourage the listed businesses to upgrade to featured listings or the premier mobile solution and you’ll get a bunch of additional cards to sell. You’ll also get free bonus cards to give away to your local police, fire fighters or volunteers, and if you supply photos that can be used in the hCard’s marketing program you’ll get bonus cards, too.

So if your school, booster club, band, soccer team or other nonprofit needs to generate $2,000, $4,000, $8,000 or more, the hCard’s 100% fundraiser is your answer. Sign up today and start raising funds without delay.

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The hCard presents The iCareCard and YOU!

The hCard is always looking for ways to make communities and businesses better. In association with The hCard, we want to share the amazing iCareCard; the reloadable VISA debit card that can be used anywhere in the world where your VISA is accepted!

There are two types of iCareCard Reloadable cards, Self-Funded, and 3rd Party Funded. Self- Funded cards are loaded and re-loaded from your current checking account. You determine the balance you want to load on your card and when the balance falls below your selected re-load point, your card is re-loaded from your checking account. 3rd Party Funded cards are loaded by a 3rd party, such as your employer. And your card is always insured for up to $250,000 by the FDIC.

Why use your iCareCard?

Automatically reload from your checking account
Earn $.05 cash back on all transactions of at least $10.00 + $.04 to your chosen charity  

Save $.03 per gas rebate on fuel purchases anywhere in the U.S.
Get local and national rebates
Support your community

Share with others and Earn monthly referral income!

The SaMMM (Save Money, Make Money) program is designed to reward our cardholders and their favorite charities and nonprofits for letting others know about the most powerful debit card available.

And, we reward you not only one time, but on an ongoing basis for both your Direct Referrals and your Indirect Referrals (someone referred by a person that you referred)!

The referral income makes “cents” and associates will  help others use this debit card, save money on gas, and earn cash back, immediately and anywhere!  CLICK HERE

Earn up to $100.00 per month per referral! 

You can refer friends, family, coworkers, customers, employees, and so many others by simply giving them a link that The hCard will provide you with.

If you have questions, please call our office 919.217.2423 ext. 305  directly at 505-699-5229 (m).


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The hCard powered by SchoolHeart, Inc.  is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with additional offices located in Houston, TX and Tampa, FL. 

Save and Say Thanks to All Who Serve

Thank you for serving!

It is a very patriotic way to express our appreciation for the military and what they do every single day in defense of America and our allies. We all know there are disturbances across the world from Africa to the Middle East; yet we continue to be safe as we walk our streets, eat in local restaurants, attend schools, and drive to and from work and activities. The military never sleeps.

Each branch offers a huge layer of protection that keeps all of us save and free. Military bases across the world are positioned in over 100 countries.

In fact, the U.S.Military is the country’s biggest employer with over one million Americans on active duty.

How many times do we wish we could do more to acknowledge our military personnel, especially with the Christmas and Holiday Season less than three months away. Rewarding our military is a very noble thought. But what can we do? We are just civilians.

There is something we can do that is very cool and we can do it as citizens and show the military we care.  And it gives us unbelievable discounts and saves us time and money in this still challenging economy.

All we need to do is head to The hCard membership site and download the civilian hCard Mobile Discounts for Civilians.  

Every time we download the civilian mobile app and save as citizens, the hCard will give up to three free app downloads to our service personnel.

Go to the site, and click on the square in the right center of The hCard main page. It takes us immediately to the app page. Click on The hCard for Civilians and fill out the info and hit submit. It is truly that easy.

Remember that our actions not only give our military that economic advantage, but all who serve in uniform get that same consideration. This offer is free to local police, firefighters and all first responders. That is right. Get the app and save, and they get theirs for FREE!

The gift to our military and first responders is just a click away! Savings that are local and nation-wide are at the heart of what we do!


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Mailing Address:

SchoolHeart, Inc.
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Phone: 919 217 2423

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The hCard powered by SchoolHeart, Inc.  is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with additional offices located in Houston, TX and Tampa, FL. 

The hCard Says Thank You to All Who Serve

We see them on the street. We notice them as they come off the plane. We bump into them at church or while shopping, and most of us say, “Thank you for serving!” It always draws a thank you back and then we both go on to other things in life.

We wave and smile at the Traffic Officer; we might even do a thumbs up as the patrol car does a slow tour of our neighborhood and our streets.

The kids always “ooh and aah” when they are close up to that big and bright pumper truck, and it is not just the kids either; we all love chatting for a second to the fire crews as they clean their vehicles and shine the fire department windows.

We do love our heroes in uniform. They could be undercover in a tough neighborhood with a police lanyard around their necks. Maybe they are deep in the South Pacific on an aircraft carrier. They maybe even patrolling our coast or flying 40,000 feet in the air.  But they are there. And they are keeping us safe and free. And do not forget our veterans of war who have served as far back as WWII.

There are multiple times when we think deep in the back of our minds that we should and could do more. But what can we do? Our lives are so fast paced and those kids have soccer, and tap, and dance and piano lessons. We need eight days in the week. We just have no time.

But there is indeed something we can do that is quick and easy. And doing it says THANK YOU in a big way to all who defend and serve.

Every one of us can head to The hCard, and download the civilian app that supports our mission.  The value is great and it is free to all police, military, firefighters, and veterans. Yes, totally FREE!

Every time a civilian downloads the app we can give up to three free downloads to our service personnel.

Head to The hCard site and click on the white box in the right center of the page (just like in the article picture). It will then take you to the app page. Click on The hCard for Civilians and fill out the short six liner and hit submit. It is truly that easy.

You will soon have your app and by doing it we can continue to give them to all those who serve. Military, Police, and Firefighters can save hundreds at local merchants using the new The hCard ® Apps and it truly is absolutely free!

So spread a little “appyness” around. Of course you can still say “thank you for serving”! They deserve it.

Patriotism is a great thing!


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Our website is 

We are on Twitter!/thehcard 

Our newest venture:

Mailing Address:

SchoolHeart, Inc.
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Phone: 919 217 2423

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The hCard powered by SchoolHeart, Inc.  is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with additional offices located in Houston, TX and Tampa, FL.